Kids On 12th turns play into learning and makes learning fun! Research shows that a love of learning and school is one of the greatest predictors of academic success. Through the higher domains of learning, students evaluate, experience, and operate in the world around them while preparing for the Academic Standards of Kindergarten.  Intentionally designed daily routines allow students to develop skills in engagement and attention. They learn to organize and understand information though movement, music, art, and literature. Themed weeks and project-based learning activities engage students in tasks that are aligned to Pennsylvania’s Key Early Learning Areas. Students analyze scientific and mathematical concepts; apply language & literacy skills; and develop social studies thinking. Students interact in mixed age groups (from 2 to 5 years old) and apply creative thinking and expression abilities to enhance their physical, social, and emotional development. By graduation, students are prepared for the academia of Kindergarten and armed with a strong sense of self, others, and school.

"So happy we found this school! It is everything we want in a pre-school -- warm, energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated teachers focused on prepping the kids for kindergarten as they teach them new skills and gently encourage and show them how to be more independent. I love that they don't separate the kids by age and that they treat all the kids the same regardless of age. I also appreciate how communicative and flexible the school is, and how they welcome but in no way pressure parents to be involved. They do so many fun things with the kids that sometimes I am jealous of how my son spends his days while I am toiling away at work!"

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After SchoOl pick-up and drop-off

With walking pick-up from McCall, Independence Charter, FACTS (Folk Arts - Cultural Treasures Charter School) and Greenfield Elementary Schools, Kids On 12th is the place to meet up with new friends and old. We offer homework help and snack options along with countless choices of activities every day. Kids can form their own clubs, join sports activities, create art or Lego projects or sit back and read in our grade-leveled library.  There's plenty of space to run around in the basketball court, play ball or build forts and tunnels with the gym mats. 

The Junior Teacher Program is available for all after school students from 1st to 5th grade that commit to being a mover and shaker in our community. They take on responsibilities within our program as well as participate in various fundraisers and park clean ups throughout the year. Their big reward for all of their hard work?  The ever popular JT lock-in is a sleepover party at the end of the school year for all of the JT's that participate!

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Summer Camp fun!

Our summer program starts immediately after school ends and continues until the kindergartners start their new school year.  With weekly themed activities and outdoor swim at Ridgeway Pool, the program stays fresh and fun through the whole summer.  Camps are available for kids from age 3 to 11.  Some of our all time favorite camp activities are Franklin Institute and Zoo trips, carousel rides at Franklin Square, talent shows and exploding Coke bottles during science week!  Kids On 12th was the 2015 Philly Happenings Award winner for Best Summer Camp!

"Thank you for making summer so much fun for my daughters! We've been to many different camps but they said that they feel "at home" with kids on 12th. "Everybody is very friendly and sweet and teacher Julius is very polite"!!! (Their exact words! haha) We love the fact that you have so many different books to read for them too."

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Snow days and holidays school-Year Camp

Throughout the school year, Kids On 12th offers camp days when schools are closed! We are open on most school holidays. See our calendar for the few dates we are closed. We're here even on snow days!  Unless the city is closed, we’ll be here to play! Just email an early morning confirmation to ensure we have you on the list for camp.  

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Teacher Judy leads the Kids On 12th Swim Program. Small group and private lessons are provided by Life guard certified instructors. Lessons are fun and engaging for the best results! Our goal is not only to teach your child to swim, but to love the water, and to have a healthy respect for how valuable and dangerous water can be.  


Kids on 12th partners with The Philadelphia Sports Club at 5th and Spruce Streets to provide swim lessons for both children and adults at their outdoor pool. We have designated hours everyday!


Kids on 12th provides swim lessons throughout the school year for both children and adults on Saturdays at Friends Select School.

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