*ALTERNATE REGISTRATION Use if you have trouble with (or don’t want to use) Rapid Registration. Your registration will be electronically and securely submitted to the Administrator and you will receive an email once your child is accepted. This is method may take longer than using Rapid Registration.

THEN, COME BACK AND Electronically Sign the forms below


All of the registration requirements can be met electronically through the secure and encrypted technology of DocuSign. You can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer and you don’t need a DocuSign account.

First, click the SIGN HANDBOOK button to acknowledge receipt, understanding, and agreement with our policies. Second, fill out your EMERGENCY CONTACTS so we know who to reach in the event of an emergency.

Then, there are TWO OPTIONS for completing the MEDICAL FORM:

1) You can DOWNLOAD the MEDICAL FORM to print for your child’s doctor to sign. Then, you will need to bring the form to us (with an immunization history or shot records) on or before the first day of attendance.


2) OR use the ELECTRONIC MEDICAL FORM to electronically complete your section and have it securely forwarded to your child’s doctor (you must know the doctor’s email address for this option).

NOTE: We need a record of your child’s immunization history. The immunization record can be completed on the electronic form. It can also be attached to the electronic form (by a parent or the doctor). Or, you may still bring in the immunization record on or before the first day of attendance.

AUTO-PAY means keeping a payment method on file with us (credit card or bank draft) which makes our job easier because we never require a contract and we DO allow make-up credit. In return, we won’t Pre-Bill your account. Pay once, at the end of each month, only for the actual days your child attended. Win/Win.

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